Priceless lessons learnt from the past hardship

Thứ Sáu, 17/06/2022

Work From Home Diary - Exordium

We turn out the lights and light candles tonight in honor of our countrymen, soldiers, and warriors who passed their lives as a result of COVID-19. Looking at the figure of 23,270 - the number of people who have perished forever as a result of this terrifying illness - the number of people who have died forever due to this scary virus, leaving a deep mark in the hearts of all who stayed. 
Reflecting on what happened in 2020 - 2021, I wonder what will happen in the future. What's next after Delta and Omicron? The past is gone, but the future is still ahead of us.
When the national leaders, scientific researchers and the health sector are still racing in the war of "vaccines - new variants", perhaps … what we should do is to find a "mental dose of vaccine for ourselves, to always be solid and steadfast in the face of all storms and problems. Recalling those days of the fourth outbreak of the epidemic in Vietnam in the summer of 2021, panic and panic were likely to be mentally common among many people. No exception exists on the Nam Long Real Estate Trading Floor! With over 100 employees, that entails nearly 100 families; further is the investor's responsibility, with hundreds of thousands of clients that we are shouldering the responsibilities.
Faced with that urgency, we felt it was vital to move swiftly to share the fire with Nam Long family, so the management board and I did our best with the minor and practical actions in the hope of pursuing some achievement that would bring mental peace and trust in our associates.  After everything was settled and gradually got into the operation, our staff had the heart to Work From Home. The new spirit was spreading and urging all of us to immediately embark on the journey of renewing ourselves by emptying our hearts and thoughts, removing our anxieties to welcome new ones.

In September 2021, we launched a writing contest called "Work From Home Diary" to share the most truthful work-from-home experiences for Nam Long's employees. Initially, the simple goal was for our Nam Long community to release their emotions, to record unforgettable memories. We have received hundreds of articles in only a few weeks, which are disclosures, emotional confessions, and stories that are not personal, but in which we recognize ourselves in innumerable thoughts.
Life returns to a "new normal" once the epidemic subsides.  In the newness of this comeback, we experience the intangible values that the months of Work From Home provided us. Our seeds of soul have been watered together, and the garden of wisdom we've been cultivating for a long time has now yielded sweet fruits. That's what motivated us to curate meaningful articles and to publish this book as a spiritual and emotional gift that we have for each other and for all. We also invite expertise, journalists, partners ... to contribute articles relating to a 2022 perspective on the Vietnam real estate market in order to give readers useful and relevant information.
Our sentiments and worries are right at the core of the translation at The beginning of the book. Being found positive, being on the blockade line, hearing ambulances far and wide, life and death in the frigid solitude of Covid... These things are being recorded to remind us of the world in which we live, mental chaos, and an era of numerous "unprecedented" events for each of us. The powerful spirit acts as a natural antibiotic, the vaccine against this terrible virus.
What have we accomplished and how have we changed? Instead of complaining, getting depressed... We discreetly thanked the period of social isolation for allowing us to halt, slow down, and change. The second chapter of the book details the positive effects of the pandemic.
The third chapter is about expressions of gratitude, practical activities, and spreading positive energy across the community and society, so that both the giver and the recipient are happy and joyful.

 Every revolution begins with thinking. And there has been a miracle effect since the epidemic, which has a tremendous impact on psychology and the real estate market in 2022 and the following years. What is the overall market picture like? What has the investor and Nam Long Real Estate Trading Floor done to continue to conquer customers and create really quality products for the market? Let's read it together in chapter four.
In the end, everyone has their own tale to tell. So, how did you and your family cope with the pandemic? You won't soon forget, right? We've set aside several pages at the end of the book for you and your family to leave your imprint there.
Traveling into the past always teaches us something valuable for the future. Hopefully, readers will receive and appreciate the sincerity and enthusiasm of Nam Long Real Estate Trading Floor in this work. Although we were very careful and thorough in editing, extracting material and photographs for publication in the diary, objective and subjective shortcomings from the Editorial Board are unavoidable. We hope that our readers will enjoy and provide us with feedback.
Once again, I would like to express my gratitude to our Nam Long Real Estate Trading Floor colleagues, partners, and customers - you are the driving force, the objective to make Nam Long Real Estate Trading Floor better today than yesterday and always such!

Director of Nam Long Real Estate Trading Floor