The Aqua Waterpoint is a high-class isolated space by the harbor bay

Monday, 14/02/2022

Located next to the harbor, The Aqua compound includes high-class villas with an area of over 300 m2, located in a closed area with many separate utilities.

As the most advanced compound in the Aquaria subdivision of the city by the Waterpoint River (Ben Luc, Long An), The Aqua compound has a square shape with prosperous feng shui values, next to the immense river. The compound is adjacent to the unique 8.6ha Harbor fresh water bay in the West with the lyrical Vam Co Dong river, adjacent to the 3.56ha riverside park, right next to the two busiest commercial and trade axes of the project. Besides the vibrant atmosphere of an international integrated urban area, behind the compound gate is a peaceful and private life with layers of security, multi-layer protection 24/24h

Perspective of the Waterpoint project. Photo: Nam Long Group

Villas of The Aqua have an area of over 300m2, designed differently depending on the preferences and styles of each customer. The Aqua compound has a limited number of products and a low population and building density.

The space near the water, many trees, and fresh air of the villas is the highlight to attract upper-class customers who increasingly prefer a green, close-to-nature lifestyle.

Perspective of compound villa The Aqua. Photo: Nam Long Group

"With a location only less than an hour by car from Ho Chi Minh City, each villa at The Aqua will be both a comfortable place to live, convenient enough to move into the city center, and a great resort separate enough to live in. get fresh, quiet," said the representative of the investor.

With the exclusive privilege of adjoining the unique artificial 8.6-hectare freshwater harbor in the west of Ho Chi Minh City along the peaceful Vam Co Dong river, the upper-class residents of the subdivision can organize luxury and private cruises on Western river, enjoy the cool air and admire the beautiful landscape.

In the midst of the vast sky, charming rivers, beautiful landscapes, every person living or staying here will have moments of relaxation and fulfillment. Children can play, be friends with plants, flowers, birds. Adults have a space to rest and fully enjoy peaceful moments. Elderly people can breathe in a clean atmosphere, have many comfortable spaces to practice sports, maintain physical health and keep their spirits up.

Built according to the model of isolated areas in the overall project, The Aqua compound villas are fully guaranteed security and privacy for residents and visitors. The owners are free to carry out all their private activities in the house away from the hustle and bustle; assured to organize intimate parties at home to connect relatives, friends and partners in a private and safe space.

Wishing to bring the most convenient life to upper-class owners, within just a few steps out of the compound, residents of The Aqua inherit an international standard utility system and high-class services such as: schools, hospitals, parks, golf courses, sports fields, swimming pools, clubs, commercial hubs, restaurants, cafes...

"Own a villa in The Aqua Waterpoint is an affirmation of the owner's position not only in the present but also in the long-term future, and a comfortable house right next to the spacious riverside in a high-class project complex promises to increase sustainable value", the representative of the investor emphasized.