Wednesday, 16/02/2022

Anthology of articles from nearly 100 people, that is journalists, experts, partners, customers, leaders and brothers and sisters of Nam Long Exchange to share the most authentic experiences and valuable lessons when working from home during nearly half a year of social distancing in Ho Chi Minh City.  
The diary consists of 5 chapters: 
The beginning of the diary is the feelings, worries, anxieties... right in the heart of the translation. It's F0, it's the blockade around, the ambulance sound echoes far and near, it's life and death in the cold solitude because of Covid... Record these things to remind us of the world we live in, the chaos of our minds, and a period of "unprecedented" things.  
What have we done and how have we changed? Many people, instead of complaining, depression... secretly thanked the period of social distancing, giving us the opportunity to slow down, return to the "spiritual homeland" and change from the inside, empty your heart and mind to receive new life. Chapter two records what the pandemic has done for us in a positive way. 
Chapter three is the words of thanks, practical actions, spreading positive energy to the community and society; so that the giver and the receiver both feel happiness and joy. 
Chapter four summarizes the real estate market in 2021, as well as reveals some perspectives on the market in 2022 to provide useful information for readers. Market trends and specific actions from Nam Long Group (NLG) and Nam Long Real Estate Exchange to continue to conquer customers and create truly quality products for the market.  
In the last chapter, everyone has their own story to tell. The diary spends many pages suggesting the end for the owner of the diary to leave his mark. 

"Work From Home Diary” cooperated by Nam Long Exchange with First News Tri Viet and Dan Tri Publisher will be dedicated to customers and partners of Nam Long Exchange.


Traveling to the past always gives us valuable lessons in the future. 
As shared by Journalist Tran Trong Tu - General Secretary of Nhip Cau Dau Tu Newspaper: "In every moment of the pandemic, in many aspects of life, people suddenly become more peaceful, the natural environment has time to heal, and the plan to live from suffocating fame suddenly becomes slow and alert. Someone is awake. The world is waking up somewhere. We're waking up." 
Or like "12 lessons after Covid-19" that Mr. Nguyen Hoang - Director of Research and Development Department of DKRA Vietnam wrote specifically at the order of Nam Long Exchange and also "Work from home - perspective from batdongsan.com.vn" by Mr. Dinh Minh Tuan - Southern Regional Director, Propertyguru Vietnam Joint Stock Company and many other guests and experts contributing to the book, we clearly see that: Without this pandemic, the digital transformation of the economy and the change in behavior from leading and operating businesses to consuming and accumulating... would not have happened so quickly. 
Nam Long Exchange is an example, even in the pandemic center, 100% of its employees are full of faith, energy and teamwork to support each other to overcome the pandemic. Plus the sensitivity and timeliness of the Nam Long Investor when offering tools such as 360-degree panoramic virtual reality tour, drones updating the progress of projects, the policy of extending the payment schedule for customers, has helped Nam Long Exchange become closer to customers.   
Through dozens of articles citing the diaries of San Nam Long brothers and sisters, it has been shown that the period of Work From Home provides a golden opportunity to learn and absorb many new things that normally, because they are too busy, easy to ignore as: visit and care for customers more often, learn more technology application courses, as well as soft skills, online marketing methods... to supplement knowledge for work in the field of Real Estate when 4.0 trend is completely shifting globally. In particular, it seems that "customers become friends" is shown most honestly during this time of separation through very simple stories in everyday life.

Many meaningful articles by the Board of Directors, Nam Long's employees have aroused emotions in readers

The three important things of WFH are DISCIPLINE WITH YOURSELF, UNDERSTANDING AND SYMPATHY is the greatest value we receive. Thanks to the opportunity to live slowly, to think carefully, we listen to ourselves more, appreciate the family home more, appreciate the sacrifices and losses... Understand the customer, put yourself in the customer's shoes to find solutions and share with them. Sharing with teammates, empathizing with superiors, realizing how the company has made efforts in the past time to be able to bring you material and spiritual values beyond expectations during the pandemic season. Most of all, when we return to work in a new situation, we appreciate each and every value we receive from this life: simply, "having a job" for a living, or a random meeting without an appointment, even just smiling to welcome a new day with a cup of hot coffee...

Life is inherently a spiral circle, always in motion and open to welcome new things. Now, the memory of the pandemic should be treasured and kept in the deepest part of our hearts as a motivation to move forward. Need to spark new vitality and energy to continue working, contribute and be a better version of yourself in the past - present - future tense. 

The spring was compressed too close to six months of the pandemic, that much time is too long. In the period from September to December 2021, the great warriors of Nam Long Exchange have continuously established new achievements in conquering customers with completely new products and services, bringing unique value to each need of the elite customers of Nam Long Exchange. Hopefully, with positive changes creating new energy in 2022, Nam Long Exchange and valued customers will continue to accompany, experience new things and create the kindest and best things for each other, as well as for the community.

All these emotions and experiences are recorded at “WORK FROM HOME DIARY". The book will be officially released on January 11, 2022. 
On this occasion, Nam Long Exchange would like to thank Mr. Nguyen Van Phuoc - First News Tri Viet, Journalist Tran Trong Tu - General Secretary of Nhip Cau Dau Tu magazine; Journalist Cong Sang - Nhip Cau Dau Tu magazine; Mr. Nguyen Hoang - Director of Research and Development Department of DKRA Vietnam Company; Mr. Dinh Minh Tuan - Southern Regional Director of Propertyguru VN Joint Stock Company; experts of Vietnam Association of Realtors; Bich Nga and Keycite Media helped San Nam Long complete and publish this diary. 

Stay tuned for the release date of this special edition!