The attraction of The Mizuki villa compound

Monday, 14/02/2022

The Mizuki villa in Mizuki Park urban area of Nam Long is expected to lead the new living trend of today's upper class - finding the original luxury.

Perfect art masterpiece for each owner

Luxury villas are always a picky product line, not only because this is a valuable asset that requires the owner to have strong financial resources, but also to have a worthy and rigorous aesthetic in choosing a living space.

For people with taste, they really understand what they need, not what you paint. For them, a house is not only a place to live, it is also a long-term accumulated asset, a place to recharge energy after a busy work, moreover, a place to express their personality and status.

The Mizuki riverside compound for the upper class (Illustrated perspective).

Understanding that, The Mizuki brings a riverside compound that is "tailored" for each homeowner. Titled 39 works of art, The Mizuki offers 39 villas with different designs for each site, where homeowners are free to create their own living space according to their own tastes and preferences.

There, 39 upper-class families can feel the lifestyle in different ways, but there are "neighbors" who are elite communities with the same level, similarity in life philosophy and enjoyment. This is what the elite pay attention to when choosing a living space.

That is also the reason why in the world as well as in Vietnam, the elite tend to gather in separate living spaces. Classy living space with polite neighbors also contributes to the status of each owner living there. At the same time, it is also a guarantee for the potential of real estate price increases in the future.
Commitment from true values

"Tall houses, wide doors, luxury cars", the measures used to identify the upper class, have now changed a lot. The rich in Vietnam in general and in Ho Chi Minh City in particular today are closer to the enjoyment taste of the world's super-rich. It is the ownership of closed, isolated riverside villas and the tendency to use helicopters and yachts more in travel to experience a more trendy lifestyle. Luxury real estate wants to conquer this class, accordingly, must provide additional services with corresponding class.

The Mizuki brings a living space with typical utilities, identifying upper-class families (illustration).

Understanding customers, bringing real values to customers is Nam Long's goal, for nearly 3 decades. Nam Long's representative said, with The Mizuki, that quality shines even more. Without framing itself with a brand name specializing in providing affordable housing products, Nam Long increasingly proves its position as a "national" brand when it can provide all product lines, satisfying all the needs of all customer segments, including the most advanced customers.

Nam Long's representative said that he does not follow the flashy looks, but "reads the taste" and brings products that are just enough with the true values that the elite seek. The Mizuki not only offers a private, isolated living space with high-class facilities on the doorstep, but also is located next to the 3,200m2 Marina Marina - a "brand name" utility that is not a riverside villa which can be met on the market.

Therefore, The Mizuki possesses upside potential. In the context of riverside villa products becoming increasingly scarce, customers who own this product right in the inner city of Saigon have the opportunity to increase property value in the future.

"It is also what seems to be simple but not easy to own in the context of rapid urbanization: A fresh atmosphere, a quiet space, settled after the chaos of life, is the original living substance that respects, is close and harmonizes with nature. Above all, The Mizuki is the place where all the senses are awakened to fully feel the peace of mind, the foundation for building happy families, the nucleus of the most elite community in a civilized society", Nam Long representative shared.