Revealing the "closed multi-storey" utility at the first compound of Waterpoint

Monday, 14/02/2022

Possessing an attractive location at Waterpoint, The Aqua compound area scores with impressive planning along with a "closed multi-storey" utility system, creating true affluent living values for families here.

The Aqua is the first two separate compound areas in the integrated mega-urban Waterpoint. With large villa product lines including Harborfront Grand Villas - Riverfront Grand Villas - Canal Grand Villa - Garden Grand Villa, The Aqua focuses on developing facilities that contribute to increasing connection of unique resort values with living space full of happiness, creating a life that the influential people in the successful elite are looking for.

Closed isolated system

With the characteristic of being an isolated compound, The Aqua is equipped with a strict security system with 3 layers of fences surrounding the whole area and the interior. Combined with the surveillance camera system and 24/24 security force, it both ensures the safety of residents and maximizes the closure. Notably, the isolation in The Aqua compound not only ensures security, but also meets the strict and unique living standards of people of the sustainable upper class. The Aqua opens up a private space containing carefully selected separate internal utilities, only aimed at serving the residents of the compound so that they can easily connect with the upmarket values worthy of their position and feel the full depth of happiness of a complete family, separate from the hustle and bustle of life outside.

Grand Villa The Aqua compound fits the standard of private living, bold "personality" in the true sense

Multiple unique riverside experiences
Making the most of the advantage of adjoining the largest 8.6ha Harbor Freshwater Port in the west of Ho Chi Minh City, The Aqua compound has a variety of activities on the marina: From a system of trendy restaurants and coffee shops with open views, to traveling on canoes, sightseeing boats on the Vam Co Dong River. All of them open up a space rich in experiences worthy of world class coming from unique natural values that are rarely found anywhere else.

Golden location on Harbor 8.6ha - The largest artificial freshwater port in the west of Ho Chi Minh City, The Aqua opens up a living space rich in experiences worthy of a class that is rarely found anywhere else.

In addition, the formation of a riverside club with a lot of entertainment and sports facilities creates a playground for physical training, increases the connection between the elite resident community, and creates unique experiences only at The Aqua compound. Residents will have a lot of time to exercise with activities: such as boating, swimming, soccer, basketball, tennis, ... and enjoy cozy BBQ parties with family and neighbors in the beautiful scenery of the river.

River Club, the 3.5ha Aquaria riverside park is a combination of luxury amenities in a unique natural setting.

Thanks to its direct connection to the busy Aquaria commercial street, residents can enjoy a variety of shopping and entertainment services every day from famous brands in the world. At the same time, enjoy the "all in one" utility ecosystem that fully meets 5 essential needs: live - study - work - play - shop according to international standards of the whole city of Waterpoint.

Expensive green patches with high coverage

Landscape at the compound The Aqua not only inherits the advantages of 6 impressive park systems of Waterpoint mega-city, but it is also planned with low construction density, aiming for a harmonious connection between urban utilities and available nature. With more than 5.8 km of rivers and 8 km of canals weaving in every corner, The Aqua creates many outstanding green areas, the streets become open with fresh air, fully meeting the needs of green living of the elite resident community.

The green system here becomes even more expensive with impressive layers of internal parks. Riverfront park with a setback of 50m in order to maximize the inherent natural landscape of the vegetation in the western part of the river, while preserving nature and ensuring sustainable development. The freshwater bayside landscape park represents the upper class of living with an open view next to the luxurious marina.

The harmony between the canal system and the interwoven green space throughout the The Aqua compound

Belonging to the Grand Villa series, the homes at The Aqua not only have a contemporary Japanese style connecting living space with the green "house in the garden, garden in the house" but also with an extremely large garden area for homeowners to freely arrange unique miniatures. Depending on the preferences of the owner, the small park in each The Aqua villa can be a Japanese stone garden combined with an impressive Koi pond or a waterfall with a system of trees and grass, giving natural beauty with lively harmony. The door frames have an open view, full of light, easy to welcome fresh air into every corner of the house, giving homeowners a feeling of relaxation in harmony with nature that is difficult to find anywhere else in the house.

With "multi-storey facilities" like a high-class tropical resort, The Aqua is a place to meet the needs of enjoying a private, private life but still ensuring full value worthy of the elite community.