Establishing a fulfilling multi-generational living space at The Aqua

Tuesday, 15/02/2022

The Aqua luxury detached villas promote the cohesive life between members of a multi-generational family with a harmonious living space, which is the starting place for stories of complete family happiness.

Differences in perception, thinking between generations in the family is an eternal story, continuing through generations. But, in the end, each family member is always aiming for a connected life, being a fulcrum for each other, building together happy family stories that are passed on. Whether visible or invisible, a living environment with "bridges" for generations like the one at The Aqua luxury villa area will help each individual find the true value of family life.

Reconciling multi-generational lifestyle at The Aqua villa

After a busy time with work, successful young people just want to return home to gather with their parents and children, and enjoy meals filled with laughter more than anything else. For young people, the multi-generational nest is also a foundation for them to have the opportunity to continue the traditional family values, which have been cultivated from previous generations. In the long run, this will be the foundation for each family to adorn the happy story more valuable and worth preserving.

Understanding that, at The Aqua villa, the common living spaces are always meticulously cared for by the investor, providing a spacious space for everyone to connect. From the kitchen to the dining room or the living room, all are designed with a large area, which is the main highlight of the house. For example, with the subdivision Harborfront Grand Villa - a masterpiece with its signature adjacent to the river at The Aqua, residents will experience life with a spacious and airy living space with about 600m2, a kitchen. 80m2 or even spacious living space with 60m2.

Villas at The Aqua own a spacious and airy area

In addition to the large common space, at Grand Villa The Aqua compound, the private space for individuals still pays special attention to help each member find their own space as well as express your individuality.  With a combination of 3-4 bedrooms and many suitable areas in subdivisions at The Aqua, residents will be able to "touch" a life that is both connected and private, an "expensive home" that families can enjoy. Family is looking for so long.

Multi-utility to satisfy all different needs

Inheriting the richness of the gentle nature of the western rivers, The Aqua is planned separately, self-contained class at the golden location adjacent to Harbor Bay, the largest artificial freshwater port of 8.6 hectares in the west of Ho Chi Minh City and a 3.5-hectare riverside park. This place will be an ideal space for picnics, weekend camping with family. It can be said that when living here, every day of the residents is an endless happy holiday.

However, the life rhythm of young people is inherently vibrant and modern, while the elderly often tend to seek quiet and peacefulness. At The Aqua, a series of utilities that are suitable for each individual's personality will be an opportunity to help members live and sublimate with their own emotions.

Families at The Aqua will enjoy a fulfilling life together

With facilities such as yoga yard, scenic cruise on Vam Co Dong river, sports field, ... are designed in a modern and classy way to help young people have moments to relieve pressure.

Or in contrast to young people, the peace and relaxation for the elderly will be found at the walking path or at the BBQ yard. Moreover, it is also an airy green space that helps them breathe in the fresh air and enjoy their old age.

Enjoy your old age with the walking street at The Aqua

Particularly for young children, dedicated facilities such as a nursery garden, sports area, swimming pool, etc. will be an opportunity to help them have healthy play. This will also be the foundation to help children develop comprehensively in the future.

In general, with smart and trendy planned utilities that are both connected but also affirming the "quality" of each individual at The Aqua, which promises to be "touch points" that weave endless emotions.  And moreover, the internal privileges inside the compound will open up a space to connect and meet privately with neighbors and families of the same class in Bay Cang. This is also the remaining "piece of the puzzle" for a picture of a perfect and prosperous upper-class life for multi-generational families.

The playground is designed specifically for young children living at The Aqua

Establishing a fulfilling lifestyle of multi-generational families at The Aqua is not simply about reconciling the "indoor" life, but above all, it is about convenient experiences, happy memories, and sharing joy and sorrow to quiet moments that need privacy to regenerate energy and relax the soul. With that, the spiritual life of each member becomes more and more colorful, full of happiness.